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Vashikaran Mantra to Stop Marriage
Vashikaran Mantra to Stop Marriage

Vashikaran Mantra To Stop Someone’s Marriage or Engagement of Lover


Do you love someone? Is your lover going to marry with someone else or he has denied to marry with you without giving any valid reason?

Then we will tell you how to stop the marriage of your lover and make him agree to marry with you. This is great and powerful upay to break other’s marriage.

If you love someone but he is going away from you due to some reason or he is marrying with someone else then we will help you to break your lover’s marriage by kala jadu and bring him back with you again.


If you are searching for any mantra, dua, totka or upaya to break boyfriend’s marriage by black magic then Guruji will tell you immediately with the remedy through which you can break your girlfriend or boyfriend’s engagement within some days and prevent him to marry with someone else. So to get mantra for stopping girlfriend’s marriage please contact via call, email or whats app.

There is NO Consultation Charges at All. Home remedy advice is FREE of COST.

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How I can use mantra to stop lovers marriage at home? 


Mohini mantra to stop lovers marriage is the best solution if your boyfriend or girlfriend going to marry with someone else and you want to break it. You can perform this vashikaran paryog with his or her cloth. Keep the cloth with you for 3 days after doing mantra to stop lover marriage to get the best results.


Free Mantra To Break Marriage or Engagement of My Lover

If your lover or boyfriend do not want to marry you or your boyfriend is going to do marriage to another girl then this mantra will help to stop his marriage.

Lemon Vashikaran Upay To Break Someone’s Marriage/Engagement

The marriage of someone can be stopped by tantra mantras and totkas. If you really have been ditched by your lover after making a marriage commitment with you and now if he is going to marry with another girl then lemon vashikaran upaya or totka to stop lover’s marriage can be helpful for you.


One thing to keep in mind before using this upay is consult to guruji once through whats app or call because this upay has to be done under expert’s guidance.


Lemon vashikaran Mantra:

This upay should be started from Any Saturday and should continue to do for 10 days regularly.

Upaya: Take a fresh green lemon and write either your lover’s name or date of birth and your wish on this lemon by black or blue ink/pen. Then wrap up this lemon by a red cloth and recite below given mantra 108 times. After that rotate this lemon around your head 7 times and then keep it under your pillow and sleep. On the next morning, you have to Immerse this lemon in the flowing water or you can also dig a pit and put it into this pit.



Mantra : Om Namo Gauri Shankarardhangi Yatha Tavam Shankarpriya, Tatha Maam Kuru Kalyankantaam Sudurlabhaam Swaha ||



For more clarification or any query about this mantra and totka, Call to Guruji or Whats App him. #Free consultation.



How To Stop Marriage of Girlfriend by Lal Kitab Upaya

If your girlfriend is not ready to marry with you due to some family reason or if she is going to marry to another boy due to family pressure and you want to bring your girlfriend back into your life again and want to marry her then we will help you to bring your lost love back.

With the help of vashikaran mantras told by us, you can not only get your lost love back but also break engagement of my lover or stop his marriage. This mantra will melt the heart of any callous women or hard-hearten girl.

How to break bf’s marriage by homemade totka

if your boyfriend has cheated you and now he is doing marriage with other girl after making love marriage promises with you then vashikaran mantra to stop marriage is useful to break his marriage so that he would be back to you. You can also get upaya about how to break ex boyfriend’s new relation with his new gf by mantras and black magic.

Having problem with fiance? He has become very rude speaking all of sudden and insulting you? then control your fiance in your favor with kamdev vashikaran mantra.

If your parents are not accepting the person whom you love as he is Muslim or from another cast  then we will help to make your parents agree for this intercast marriage by lal kitab remedy.

If a girl want to break engagement of boyfriend by home remedies of lal kitab then get free homemade totke from us.

Also know mantra for how to break immediately girlfriend marriage by powerful mantra in Hindi.

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